Garage + Garden suite

Garage Suite or Garden Suite

A Garage or Garden Suite is a separate entity or unit that is located in the backyard of a single family home.. Garage or Garden Suites contain all the necessities in a home i.e. living space, kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

It has to have its own utilities which are separate from the main Home i.e furnace, main or sub electrical panel and Hot Water Tank. We find solutions to provide the most efficient way to connect the utility services either from your main home or directly from the main line to the suite. Garage Suites can have separate meters for electricity, gas and water which helps keep the monthly bills separate for both dwellings.  

Based on the zoning and the location of the property, the City of Edmonton codes and by laws may vary.  

Whether the structure is on screw piles or a foundation wall, we will take care of the designing, engineering, permitting  construction management and all other procedures to ensure the build is to your specifications and to code.

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**We also install Garage Heaters and Air Condition.**

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