Basement Development + Secondary Suite

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Secondary Suite, Legal Suite or Rental Suite

Most homeowners have one question and that is “how can I increase my monthly income?” If this is something you are curious about, we have the answers for you! If you are looking for additional income it can be achieved by developing an income suite within your property.

A Secondary Suite, Legal Suite or Rental Suite is a great way to utilize the extra space you have to generate more income for you or for your extended family to live in.

A Secondary Suite contains an additional kitchen, rooms, laundry and bathroom. It requires a second heating source which makes it count as a “second dwelling or second apartment”.

Basement Development (for personal use)

The sky is the limit when it comes to building, redesigning or remodeling your basement. Developing a basement that meets your needs is possible with an experienced set of hands. Creating customized structures and bringing your design objectives to life are at the core of what we do. 21Developments can help you transform vision into reality while providing quality. 

Our professionals will layout different options that will fit your needs. Whether it’s adding a wet bar, dry bar, work out area or a cinema room we can provide the best finishes you dreamt about. 

**We also install Garage Heaters and Air Condition.**

Site Visit -> Quote -> Contract + Selection -> Permit Processing -> Construction -> Key Release -> One Year Warranty

Step 1: Connect with us!

When you reach us through one of the available methods (e-mail, phone or social media), our representative will discuss your prospective and get detailed information about your basement development objectives.

Step 2: Site Visit

We will then schedule a visit to your home to better understand the project and provide feedback to avoid unnecessary costs.  We provide different level of basement finishes (Cost Effective option, Intermediate and Full Custom Finish). We will bring the samples on site to base the quote off of.

Step 3: Quote

After a successful project discussion following a visit to your home, the next step is to provide a detailed quote for your project. Everything from the contract to payment structure will be presented.

Step 4: Contract!

Final Step. We sign the contract based on our Quote and our discussions. 21Developments will kick start the engines that will bring your project in process and into life.

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